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What we do – photographically speaking!

Professional commercial photography can you to help define and convey identity, branding, image and appearance which are all very important elements of your business.

All commercial photography for your business should be presented to your customers in a professional manner that ensures you and your company stand out from the crowd and that your visual messages are conveyed clearly with maximum positive impact.

Whether you are preparing brochures, flyers and other marketing and advertising materials, company training literature, technical user guides and manuals, annual reports, web pages or any other visual elements that will represent you and your company, we can deliver images that work to ensure your business is professionally presented and positively received.

Up to six (6) unique high definition photographs taken locally (within 15 miles of Boston, Lincolnshire) can be chosen and are offered with full unrestricted legal copyright ownership for you to use elsewhere at your discretion for a one off package price of £60. They can therefore be used in your own listings on this site (contact me if you need more information to be able to do this), for your own printing work, brochures, on-line web site or in dare I say, even our competitors advertisements.


To facilitate this they are supplied to you on a CD/DVD as appropriate which can be read and/or copied on any PC, Apple macintosh or Linux computer.

As this is a one off fee this will need to be paid separately from your listing fees, please email me at or use our contact page.



Photographs can be taken at your premises or elsewhere on your instructions, small product photography is normally done at my own home studio by arrangement.

More images can be negotiated if required, please contact me with your requirements by emailing me at or using our contact page and I’ll gladly try to help you in any way that I can.

Proof Printing

For proof printing I also use industry standard printers such as Epson Workforce printers. The quality and detail is exceptional !

Quirky photography from unique perspectives can make a lot of difference as well !

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